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Key Features at a Glance

  • The highest quality in both density and durability on the market and at at very affordable price

  • Made from BPA Free Recycled Water Bottles

  • Made of 220 GSM Thick, Rigid Pressed Non-woven eco-friendly fabric that's up to twice as thick as soft fabric competition

  • Features industrial locks stitch technique with finished seams

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

  • Ideal for gardening on top of concrete, gravel and poor soil

  • 1 gallon to 1,000 gallons! Great for raised bed gardens

  • In 4 Colors: Black, Red, Green and Pink

  • Super Duty "Wrap Around" Handles! Strong enough to be lifted when full! A claim few others can claim

  • Developed for and used by commercial growers

  • Perfect for growing flowers, vegetables and fruits

Air Pruning* - Better than plastic containers*

  • Great air circulation and water drainage. Better use of water and nutrients and less grow media necessary 

  • Keeps plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Pots allow plants to be placed outdoors quicker

  • Stops root rot and promotes beneficial biology for better pest control

  • Improves overall root structure, boosting plant growth and yields

  • Decrease risk of transplant shock for stronger and healthier plants and starts with quicker growth times

  • Saves up to a week off vegetative growth cycle

  • Extremely durable, washable and reusable - lasts season after season

  • Can be used with drip systems, overheard watering and hydroponic flood trays

Why is air pruning better than plastic pots

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Air Pruning is a Horticultural technique that exposed root tips to the dry air, stopping the growth. This prunes the roots over and over providing a more fiberous root system that fills up the container.

It also stops root circling that occurs in plastic pots.

The more roots the more water and nutrients uptake, creating a well developed root system in a relatively short time, resulting in higher yields with fewer transplants are needed.


1 gallon to 1,000 gallons! Great for raised bed gardens See All...

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Dyna Pot - 1 Gallon
Dyna Pot - 20 Gallons
Dyna Pot - 200 Gallons
Dyna Pot - 1,000 Gallons